Updates June 2024

Introducing Flexible Interconnection Schema, Financial KPIs, and setbacks for Restricted Areas

RatedPower- backend v20.1.2, Frontend v10.1.2 

In June, we have released important features like the Flexible Interconnection Schema that allows the definition of multiple interconnection facilities, Financial KPIs that enables users to define energy prices to then be provided with a detailed financial analysis, and Restricted Areas (RA) setbacks, which unlocks the possibility of defining setbacks for all the Restricted Areas of the PV site.

New Features

  • Introducing Flexible Interconnection Schema (FIS): The FIS will allow users to define more complex architectures to evacuate the plant's rated power towards the grid. 

    Prior to this release, the user could define a substation or a switching and breaking station and the entire capacity of the PV plant and Batteries would be evacuated through that specific facility. With this release, users will be able to define several facilities and the connections between them, and the software will evacuate the capacity of the plant across these facilities. This feature is extensive and adds new concepts as the “Interconnection level” so we recommend checking the full explanation here

Image 2-7-24 at 14.59

What documents are affected by this release?  

    • (NEW) Interconnection Documents: This will appear when there is more than one facility. It is a zip file containing all the documents for each facility and OHL (facility layout, SLD, report and overhead line layout, report). If there is only one facility, previous documents will appear to download directly 

    • Bill of quantities: Extra sheets for each facility/OHL added 

    • Financial analysis: New entries in CAPEX for pooling substation 

    • Listing of cables (already added): New page for SBS cables coming from the containers of the SBS 

    • Power flow model: Now includes the extra systems added 

    • General layout: Includes all the facilities 

    • Layout 3D: Includes all the facilities platforms as it used to with one facility 

    • MV, MV-LV, LV, BESS MV-LV SLDs: Include extra text of "to switching and breaking station" if the first facility is of type SBS 

    • Remaining documents for interconnection have been modified to correctly represent the origin and destiny of the lines.  

  • Financial KPIs: With this new feature, the users will be able to define an energy price to calculate the revenue of the designed plant, as well as an escalation factor for OPEX and revenue. With these new inputs you will obtain the following KPIs: 

    • Net Present Value (NPV) 
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 
    • Return on Investment (ROI) 
    • Payback 
    • Discounted payback 

These values are shown in the KPIs result section, with brand new charts that show the evolution of the KPIs over the lifetime of the designed plant. You can see all about this feature in this article.

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What documents are affected with this release? 

    • Financial analysis: Includes a new sheet with all the financial analysis charts and cashflows.

  • New setbacks for Restricted Areas (RA): This feature gives more flexibility to the PV plant site characterization and allows for maximization of the installed structure space by enabling users to define different setbacks for all the RAs, including facilities, and adding a distinction between external and internal RA. Two new setbacks for RA have been added: 

    • Fence to RA setback (moved from Available Area setback) 
    • Structure to RA setback

Image 2-7-24 at 13.27-1

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Added support for SolarAnywhere version 3.8. 

  • Contour lines are now generated and added to the Topography Analysis document. 

  • Fixed missing NASA SSE image in the Energy Report document. 

  • Improved behavior of the default value for AC-coupled BESS supply hour, now when recalculate is triggered the closest value to the previous one is taken instead of going back to the default value. 

  • Added verification to CAPEX templates before saving to prevent empty templates. 

  • Fixed a bug that was generating a “TAG_NOT_GOUND” in the Substation report with capacitors. 

  • Improved the General Layout KML file generation, now two files are generated, one with all the elements and a simplified version with only the basic elements. 

  • Improved BoQ road length entry by merging these entries by road with. 

  • Added French translation for structure poles. 

  • Fixed a bug where specific design with 2 SBS containers, one would end up empty. 

  • Fixed a bug where the MV cable was incorrectly pointed between areas. 

  • Fixed a bug in the pre-load of SolarGis when there was no site name. 

  • Fixed a bug caused when the fence polygon was exactly the workable area polygon that led to an error. 

  • Fixed a bug that was causing inner RAs to be ignored by the fence workable area calculation. 

  • Fixed a bug caused by cables going in and out of areas. 

  • Fixed a bug that was causing polygons to be deleted due to an offset tolerance operation. 

  • Increased the maximum pitch distance to 100 meters. 

  • Improved satellite image to focus only on PV structures and first level interconnection facilities. 

  • Improved dynamic folder names in general layout KML file, now folder names change depending on electrical configuration. 

  • Improved OHL tower spotting algorithm, that now considers BESS elements and tries to avoid going directly over them. 

  • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect numbering of OHL towers and thus the orientation of the lines connecting them. 

  • Increased maximum meteorological file size limit from 20 MB to 50 MB to allow larger 1 min CSV files. 

  • Fixed a bug causing the center pin and 5 km radius not appearing in the ISC. 

  • Fixed a bug causing an incorrect offsetting of the road and fence. 

  • Added a new column to track the number of designs per project and country in the ‘Statistics & KPIs’ tab. 

  • Fixed a bug blocking partial structures of 1 string when linked row is 2 strings. 

  • Fixed a bug causing “LISTING_OF_CABLE” error when flexible schema is a path with an SBS in the first level and low MV voltage selected. 

  • Added tooltip message in main and secondary power stations to help clarify information to users. 

  • Added length dimension when drawing a rectangle in ISC. 

  • Allow all users to view the notes of a design and for the ones that have no permissions to edit them, show the notes without editable text. 

  • Fixed a bug causing the units of some inputs not showing completely. 

  • Fixed a bug causing empty dropdown list when filtering user by role. 

  • Added missing keyword translations. 

  • Fixed a bug causing missing month names when displaying the TMY of PVGIS in DP. 

  • Fixed a bug causing the sorting in the table of projects not working.