RatedPower vs PVsyst

Is your energy yield bankable? Do the energy yield results differ between platforms? If you're looking for some fresh PVsyst alternatives, we've got you covered.

After having run more than 100,000 solar project simulations in RatedPower, we turned to Black & Veatch, a top-tier engineering consulting firm to compare RatedPower’s energy output calculations and those of the desktop software PVsyst on four different design case scenarios side by side. 

At RatedPower, it is our goal to become bankable. This third-party independent review provides a conceptual level benchmark analysis of RatedPower and PVsyst© as well as a detailed review of RatedPower’s algorithms for solar position angle, and the irradiance received on the back face of bifacial modules. 

Click on the following image to read the Black & Veatch Bankability Report on RatedPower