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How to define the civil parameters of your site

In this article, we will explain how to use the civil parameters in pvDesign to optimize your simulations.


There are currently four road options in pvDesign:

  1. Horizontal roads: this option draws horizontal roads that end at the power stations.
  2. Horizontal with perimeter roads: this option connects the power stations to horizontal roads and surrounds each area by a perimeter road.
  3. Vertical roads: this option draws vertical roads that end at the power stations.
  4. Vertical with perimeter roads: this option connects the power stations to vertical roads and surrounds each area by a perimeter road.

The two options without perimetral roads install PV modules all the way to the border of your parcel thus allowing you to install more total capacity.


Here, you can opt between 2 options:

This parameter gives you the option to decide between a linear uniform positioning of the structures or adapting your structures to the parcel’s border, which could help increase its total capacity at the expense of it being more complex to construct.

Your choice of horizontal or vertical roads will affect this parameter because this border adaptation will only take effect when said roads are parallel to your structures’ axes. This would be when vertical roads are used with trackers or when horizontal roads are simulated with fixed structures.

You can also define the minimum distance between your structures and the perimeter fence.

Power Stations

You can select one of two options for the positioning of your parcel’s power stations.

Placing the power station inside the DC field will take out a structure from the block connected to it but will result in shorter distances between structures and thus more total installed capacity.

Structure Layout

Here, pvDesign gives you the possibility to select between four different types of layout of the structures:

  • Standard: structures follow their usual axis direction.
  • Rotated: structures are rotated in blocks.
  • Offset: rotates the axis of the block while keeping the structures aligned.
  • Turning Angle Axis: structures are rotated while keeping the block aligned.

In the case of linked-row trackers, the last two options are not available.

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