Updates October 2018

New terrain slopes document, clone created designs

pvDesign - version 1.3.54

New features

The following improvements were made in this update:

  • New document - The project sheet: is an excel sheet containing a summary of the project characteristics, including rated power, energy yield, a summary of the main quantities, and chosen equipment. It also contains a diagram of the electrical configuration.

    New project sheet Excel
  • New drawing - Terrain Slopes: a view of the terrain slopes as shown in the site details. The slopes are shown in different colors depending on their absolute value, and in the notes section a summary of the topography is shown. The drawing can be downloaded in PDF, CAD and KML.
  • Photovoltaic module details: Now more curves can be found in the details of the photovoltaic module. The new curves are power for voltage, current for voltage depending on temperature, current for voltage depending on series resistance, and current for voltage depending on shunt resistance. The new curves give a better understanding of the overall characteristics of the module.

    New photovoltaic module curves
  • Site details: now after uploading a site KML, the areas can be downloaded as a CAD file containing the perimeter of the areas and restrictions uploaded. It is also possible to download the original KML file as well.

    New site details downloads
  • Now the details of module, inverter and mounting structure can be seen in the completed design page.
  • We also increased the limits of some of the inputs. For example, the layout rotation angle in the civil tab can now be up to ±50°.
  • Now it is possible to clone a created design. To do this, in the project designs page, click the button at the end of the design card which shows two squares intersecting. This will take you to the create design page, with all the parameters set to the values which correspond to the cloned design.
  • Hourly TMYs: It is now possible to upload hourly TMY files, in csv format and following the PV planner format. The time of the intervals should be in local time, and at least the GHI, DHI, and ambient temperature should be present.
  • Parameter descriptions: Now the new design interface contains better descriptions for the parameters, including a picture of the electrical configuration diagram.
  • Energy losses: Now it is possible to disable the losses in the transformers in the energy yield.

Improvements and bug fixes

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • MV line sizing: The last cable in an MV line now is sized using the short circuit power of the substation.
  • Fix a bug that was preventing users from deleting designs.
  • Fix an interface bug that caused the power station inside DC field option not to work.
  • The value of the cable sections is now more accurate in some troublesome configurations.
  • Fix a bug that could cause the simulations to fail if the road type was vertical roads.
  • Fix some new design interface bugs.
  • When a user uploads the first site of a project, it is now selected on upload.
  • Further improvements were made to the loading speed of the results page.