Updates November 2018

Improved site and topography views, interface tweaks, improved power station grouping, simplified user experience, getting started and tutorials and fixed design errors.

pvDesign - version 1.4.35

New features

We made the following changes in this update:

  • Topography details view: it is now possible to download the topography view as PDF, CAD, and KML from the topography details window. Furthermore, the slope values set in the slider will be shown in the document as well.

Documents in the topography details

  • Site details view: now it has the KML names of the areas, and it shows the access and delivery points.

Improved site details view

  • Interface tweaks: you may have noticed many small changes to the look of the interface, as well as some new features. For instance, now when you choose an incompatible combination of module and inverter, you get a warning.
  • Improved power station grouping: We enhanced the algorithm which groups structures in power stations. Now the power stations should be more coherent and their shapes should be more consistent.
  • Simplified user experience: Now there are information tips in some parts of the application, which aim to streamline the process of learning how to use the software for new users. They also provide links to resources which aid advanced users in getting the most out of their designs. We also simplified the advanced options in New Design - Electrical using graphical descriptions.

    Help when creating a project
  • Getting started and tutorials: These new pages provide new and advanced users with resources on how to use the software. Check them out!

    Getting started
  • Previous and Next buttons in New Design: Now you can use these buttons to go from one tab to another. This simplifies the discovery of features for new users.
  • Enhanced layout view in Google Maps: We fixed a glitch causing the layout not to be represented correctly in google maps. Now the layout looks better and the colors are more accurate.
    Improved layout representation
  • Limitation of the number of modules per string: Now the number of modules per string is limited to a minimum and maximum value, and a warning is issued if there is a mismatch between the selected module and inverter.
Improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the following bugs:

  • We have fixed many issues that were causing designs not to complete and appear as design errors.
  • We fixed a bug in the algorithm which positions the roads.
  • Bill of quantities: we removed the blank rows which were appearing in some configurations, and we corrected some entries which were wrong.
  • We introduced some variables which were missing from the design report.
  • The units in the charts of the meteorological resource and in the energy results are now coherent with the displayed values.
  • The power stations represented in the layout now have the correct size selected in the Civil tab.
  • We have fixed a bug in Firefox which caused document downloads to fail.
  • Now when changing the language in Account info, there is no need to log out for the language to change.
  • Fix the bug which had caused the side navigation bar collapse button to disappear.