Updates December 2018

New webpage language, interface improvements

pvDesign - version 1.4.73

New features

In this update, we made the following changes:

  • New language: French is now an option you can choose as the language for the interface. Head over to User Profile to change the language.

How to choose French as user language

  • Clone designs more easily: You can now clone a design from the results page. This allows for quicker iterations, so you can explore more options.

Improved workflow using Clone feature

  • Finished design alerts: Now if you create a design, you will get an alert in the project designs page when that design finishes, and it will appear as finished in the list.
  • Improved speed in projects and designs: We changed how the Projects and Design pages load their data. Now they should be faster and more responsive.

Improvements and bug fixes

We fixed the following bugs:

  • We made many improvements to our engine to improve the reliability and reduce the error rates.
  • We have disabled the layout offset and layout turning axis for multi-row trackers. These options were unreasonable for those particular tracker models.
  • We fixed a bug which caused the distance between consecutive structures to be ignored in the layout.
  • We added some more information to the descriptions in the Electrical tab and fixed some missing values.