Updates January 2020

Private equipment database, Improved New Design, Energy night losses

pvDesign - version 3.8.14

New features

To start the new year off right, we implemented one of most user-requested features, the possibility of having a private equipment database! Find below the list of changes:

  • Private equipment database: Head over to Equipment to upload your own PAN and OND files. The modules and inverters you upload will only be visible for users of your company. If your files are invalid, you will see a list of all issues with troubleshooting information.

New equipment page

  • Improved New Design: Based on the feedback from our users, we implemented some enhancements to the New Design page. Now the number of inputs in each tab is more balanced, with all the site-related information being in the Site tab, and the equipment selection in the Equipment tab. These changes make the process of choosing the configuration of a design more simple.

Reorganized New Design tabs

  • Energy night losses: The energy yield calculation model now computes the energy consumption in night intervals. The production and the consumption are not summed up, and the results are shown separately from the production in the reports. It is now possible to specify auxiliary consumption value for the inverters and for the photovoltaic plant.
  • Layout with satellite imagery: The layout picture shown in the Design and Energy reports now includes satellite imagery of the ground. We also moved the picture to the introduction of the report documents, to make the PV plant design more visible and accessible.
  • Improved simulation times: We made some changes to the simulation process which reduced the time it takes to complete a design. We also increased the computation capacity of our server cluster.

Improvements and bug fixes

We made the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • The New Design failed to load if the user deleted custom elevation data.
  • The slope arrow directions were inverted for the Google Maps elevation data source.
  • The site upload failed if the KML contained areas without points.
  • The string inverter power was missing in New Design.
  • Updated the french and portuguese translations.
  • The recommended modules per string did not change when adjusting the minimum historical temperature.
  • The maximum and average horizon elevation values were swapped in the design report.