Updates February 2020

Improved grouping algorithm, Surface albedo data, improved design report

In February we made some big improvements to the grouping algorithm which is responsible for assigning structures to power stations. In the first week of March, we added the albedo data selector. Find below a description of each feature:

  • Improved grouping algorithm: We changed the algorithm so that when a power station is divided, the parts in which it is split are closer together than before. Additionally, the algorithm should now leave less gaps in the layout than before, and the gaps should be farther from the substation. These changes will result in overall better layouts, and in some cases, reduced cable lengths.
  • Surface albedo data in monthly resolution: We added a new data source for surface albedo, the NASA MODIS source. It is a satellite-based dataset with a spatial resolution of 0.1x0.1 degrees, and monthly temporal resolution. It is also possible to choose a fixed albedo value which corresponds to a certain type of terrain.

Albedo data selector

  • Improved design report: We are working to improve the design report with more information and better formatting. We improved the civil works section and added a table showing the trenches which are used in the photovoltaic plant. These changes will only be available in the english design report at first.

We made the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • We fixed a bug which caused the energy yield result to be wrong when the inverter auxiliary losses were excessive.
  • We changed the bill of quantities entries for the earthing cables so that when the NEC standard is used, the section is a NEC section.
  • We made some improvements to the french translations of the web application.