Updates July 2020

Enhanced layout optimization, Documentation in Italian, Interconnection facility documents in all languages

pvDesign - version 4.2.0

New features

In this update, we have made big changes to the algorithm which generates and optimizes the layout. These changes were included in this update:

  • Enhanced layout optimization: We improved the algorithm which generates the layout to better use the available area. The layout now utilizes the unused margins near the edge of the areas better, which results in higher maximum peak power.
  • New perimeter adaptation options: The layout algorithm can now be configured to adapt the structures to the perimeter. In some plants, this may result in higher peak power. Additionally, the minimum clearance distance from the structures to the fence can be modified.

Use the border adaptation mode to get higher peak power

  • Documentation in Italian: The documentation generated for each Design is now available in the Italian language. This includes the interconnection facility reports.

Documents in italian language

  • Interconnection facility documents in all languages: The interconnection facility report and the SLD drawing are now available in all languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese).
  • New sheets in the Energy results XLSX: Two new sheets are now available in the energy results XLSX file, the 12x24 tables, and the detailed hourly results for the first year.
  • Better roads algorithm: We fixed an error that caused roads to overlap each other in some edge-case conditions.
  • Revised fence algorithm: The algorithm which chooses the layout of the fence was improved to avoid self-intersecting fences in tight spaces.

Improvements and bug fixes

Additionally, we made the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • We fixed a bug that caused the preview to fail if specific power was chosen and the number of inverters was not a multiple of the inverters per power station.
  • We corrected several typos in the reports and drawings.
  • We added a loader to the preview in New Design, which will appear until the preview is ready.
  • We fixed a bug that caused the inverter efficiency in the secondary inverter table to be wrong.
  • We fixed many typos and numeration errors in the design report and energy report.