Updates September 2020

Topography Analysis, Interconnection Facility Layout documents

pvDesign - version 4.6.0

New Features

In this update we have released two huge new features. The first feature is a Topography Analysis tool, which allows users to remove structures from the layout depending on the terrain slopes. The second is the Interconnection Facility Layout, in DXF and PDF formats.

Find below a description of the Topography Analysis tool:

  • Set slope restrictions in New Design: In the Preview tab, you will find new options to set slope restrictions and a maximum post length value. The structures which exceed the limitations are shown in different colors. Use the "Apply" button to recalculate the results. Click on the structures to see why they were removed.
  • Remove structures from the layout: You can choose to use the results of the analysis or not. If you choose to use them, the structures are removed from the layout. If not, all structures are used. You can still see the results of the analysis in the generated documents.
  • Post length calculation: To get accurate post length results, set the post depth value in the Equipment tab. The post depth is fixed for all structures.
  • Topography analysis document: The first of three new documents, it shows all the removed structures and the reason why they were removed. It also shows the position of all the posts. Finally, it contains the structure codes, which can be used to locate structures in other documents.
  • Listing of posts: An excel XSLX file containing a list of all the posts. It also contains a list of all the structures. Use this document to find structures in the Structure Profiles document.
  • Structure profiles: A file containing drawings of all the structures in the plant. For each structure, the elevation, profile, plant and isometric views are shown. The structures are grouped by power stations in different files in a ZIP. This document is not present in the all documents ZIP file, due to its size.

Topography analysis in the Preview tab

The new substation features are described below:

  • Interconnection Facility Layout: The interconnection facility layout for Top and profile cuts are now available in PDF and DXF formats.
  • Arrangement type selector: The substation arrangement can now be manually selected. The selector will propose two arrangements, the single bus bar, or the double busbar substation arrangement.

Substation layout document

Improvements and bug fixes

We also made the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • The secondary inverter table displayed a wrong value for the database column.
  • The bridges between areas were duplicated in simulations with perimeter paths and multiple access.
  • The date in the LV SLD document was showing the wrong value.
  • The new design page failed if the user set a minimum historical temperature value with commas.
  • Some KML files produced an error on upload but were not saved correctly.
  • Corrected some issues in the portuguese documents.
  • We fixed some calculation performance issues which were affecting the simulation of big PV plants.