Updates August 2023

Get results in real time while you work on your designs, export your comparison results.

pvDesign - backend v13.4.0, frontend v5.0.8 

In August we released a brand-new Design Process interface which allows users to generate designs without leaving the interface so they can see how their energy yield and cost results change along with the electrical layout and 3D view of your PV project proposal.  

We also make possible the export of the comparison results and the selection of the rotation angle of the AC coupled battery storage system’s layout. 

Lastly, we added two more shapes (rectangles and circles) for site polygons definition. 

New Features 

These features were released in August: 

  • New interface for designs: With the updated interface of designs’ interface, users have the option to view their designs' outputs directly without having to generate and open Results page. They can access the preview, overview and 3D map of their layout in one page. Users also have access to 2 new sections, Results and Designs’ history. In the Results’ section, users can see the outputs of their designs once they click on the “Run design” button. In the design’s history section, there can be found all different versions of the design where users can choose which ones they want to save. Unsaved designs expire and get deleted in 24hours.
  • Export comparison: pvDesign users can now export their comparison results (both charts and tables) in Excel format, empowering users with enhanced data manipulation and visualisation capabilities. With this new feature, you can effortlessly delve into in-depth analysis, perform complex calculations, and generate insightful charts and graphs. 
  • BESS rotation angle: It is now possible to select the rotation angle of the AC coupled battery storage system’s layout from the BESS tab. The rotation angle input to align the containers has three options: horizontal, vertical, and a custom value. pvDesign gives a recommended value of the rotation angle aiming for a better layout.  
  • Shape tool: It is now possible to use shapes to define your site polygons 
    You can now draw available and restricted areas, as well as the interconnection facility and BESS footprints, using circles and rectangles. 

Bug fixes and improvements 

We released the following minor bug fixes and improvements this month: 

  • Fixed a bug which caused power station customization to be disabled when defining the power station with one inverter. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused the energy tab in the results to be disabled when the plant availability is set to 0%.  
  • Now it is possible to customize the power station when it has a string inverter. 
  • Fixed the translations for custom power station. 
  • Fixed a bug that was setting the minimum historical temperature to 0.  
  • Fixed LV cables that connect areas with partial structures and the restricted area’s border. 
  • Updated the content of the German excel sheets, Dxf drawings, and reports. 
  • Fixed an error that was caused by a tiny line section in the area polygon.  
  • Allowing more iterations to position the power station on a single road.  
  • Fixed a bug that caused the duplication of structure’s coordinates.  
  • Improved the recommended BESS rotation angle to give better layouts.  
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the list of harness per box to be updated when the partial structures’ selection changed.  
  • Solved an issue related to the electrical connection of partial structures.  
  • Fixed a bug that was causing simulations to fail when the first two piles of a structure were in the exact same position. 
  • Fixed a bug that was reading the wrong value of the distance from the restricted area to the fence.  
  • Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect position of the inverters or boxes in cases where different areas share LV configuration.  
  • Improved the performance of the inverter’s database table. 
  • Fixes an issue that was causing power stations to overlap with structures.