Updates December 2021

East-west fixed structures, many application usability improvements

pvDesign - backend v5.3.6, frontend v1.4.1

In December we released one of the biggest changes to the software since its inception. We finish 2021 by adding the option to simulate east-west structures in pvDesign, a change which addresses one of the most popular requests of our users.

Adding east-west structures to pvDesign was a huge team effort. The task included implementing the new configuration in the layout, validating the electrical system and layout of the cables, and changing the energy yield model to simulate the shading in east-west  structures correctly. And a myriad of other smaller changes and improvements throughout the entire software.

New Features

In December we released the following new features:

  • East-west structures: It is now possible to simulate fixed structures in east-west orientation. To do so, enable the east west structures option in the design process page. The ridge distance between east and west tables can be modified, as well as the configuration of the piles. It is also possible to change how the strings are connected to the inverter MPPT systems. The strings from both orientations are connected to the inverters using separate low voltage DC electrical systems. The new structures can be seen in the layout documents, and also in the design and energy reports.
  • Application usability improvements: pvDesign should now load faster than before. The CAPEX templates page now has an infinite scroll list. The colors in the charts which can be seen when comparing different designs have been changed to make it easier to differentiate the results of each design. We also fixed a bug which caused the search function in some pages to only work for the first page of results.
  • Increased number of available areas limit: Recent improvements to the calculation algorithms of pvDesign have allowed us to increase the limit on the number of available areas to 30 (previously it was 9). This should make it easier to work with very complex sites in pvDesign.

Bug fixes and improvements:

These bug fixes and improvements were released in December:

  • Fixed a bug which caused the terrain slopes document generation to get stuck.
  • Solved an issue with some designs using embedded power station which could fail.
  • Removed the "Tracker AC cable" entry from the bill of materials, because it was always zero.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash when the user changed a module or an inverter in the design process page.
  • Added more decimals to some of the inputs in the design process page (percentage inputs, dc/ac ratio, and some energy inputs).
  • Fixed the unit of the maximum tracking angle in the structure details modal.
  • When changing values in the CAPEX page, you will now be asked if you want to save your changes before exiting.
  • Fixed a bug which caused old designs with bifacial modules not to be available.
  • Fixed an issue which caused pvDesign not to be usable in iPad.
  • Fixed a bug which caused users not to be able to copy CAPEX templates.
  • The tables of modules and inverters in the equipment page are now bigger.
  • When using the multiple designs feature, the loader is now visible.