Updates February 2024

Visualize the energy losses directly in the design interface, include the interconnection facility entries to our CAPEX tool, and quickly navigate to your designs from our new Homepage.

pvDesign - backend v16.10.2, frontend v7.0.0

In February, we added the design losses in the design interface to allow our users to iterate and make better design decisions faster.  Additionally, we added the interconnection facility entries to the CAPEX tool which gives the user more ease in getting a more detailed cost of the project. Lastly, we launched a new Homepage to help first users with their onboarding, and all users to quickly locate their recent work.

New Features

  • Access design losses and monthly values: We've incorporated the design's losses and monthly values directly into the design interface. Users can access them by simply navigating to the right sidebar, under the Energy section, and clicking on "Show losses and monthly values". 
  • Interconnection facility in Capex: We have added substation and switching and breaking station entries to the CAPEX sheets. The feature allows choosing the entries that correspond to the facility of the design to calculate the total price of the system. In addition, capacitor bank entries have also been added with different units for the CAPEX calculation. 
  • Homepage: The new Home tab provides users with a more personalized viewing experience. With this new feature, users can conveniently access designs they've recently worked on and quickly navigate to those they've marked as favorites. Also, the account information is now in the newly introduced top bar, ensuring easy access. 
    Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 10.21.23

Bug Fixes and improvements

We released the following minor bug fixes and improvements this month: 

  • Enhanced the ability to mark a project or design as a favorite, ensuring that preferences are now reflected at the user level rather than the company level. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused displaying a wrong voltage drop in energy losses when there is no overhead line.  
  • Enhanced the user experience by incorporating various tooltips throughout the software. 
  • Improved the initial version of the Homepage by implementing a scrolling feature. 
  • Introduced a status column to streamline project management in teams, enabling easy differentiation between active and archived projects. 
  • Added 1500 kcmil section for MV cables and NEC electrical standard. 
  • Improved the recommendation of default inverters. For sites larger than 50ha, a central inverter is set and for sites smaller than 50ha, string inverters are recommended. 
  • Fixed Glass Air IAM model for angles greater than 90º. 
  • Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect MV line connections between available areas. 
  • Fixed a simulation failure due to an error in the recalculate state by ensuring DC BESS is selected by default after changing the inverter from central to string and then back to central (for no BA cases). 
  • Fixed a bug caused when the no-road option was selected with a Power Station with zero length and width.