Updates January 2024

Import site elements using Shapefiles, precisely measure distances on the map with a convenient ruler tool and enjoy access to our improved French documentation.

pvDesign - backend v16.5.5, frontend v6.3.1

In January, we rolled out significant enhancements to our Site Creator. These include the ability to import site elements using Shapefiles and the introduction of a ruler tool for easy distance measurement on the map. These additions significantly streamline the site creation workflow. Additionally, we have enhanced the quality of our French documentation to provide better content. Lastly, we have improved how the ZIP file is generated to reduce the time it takes to simulate a design.

New Features 

  • Import site elements via Shapefile: We have made it possible to upload site elements using Shapefiles to set up your site. This feature streamlines Shapefile import and seamlessly integrates files from PRISM, boosting workflow efficiency for PRISM users. 
  • Improved French translation: We have reviewed the French documentation related to the PV plant, the battery energy storage system, and the interconnection systems and we have improved the translation of all the content in reports, drawings, and sheets. 

    FR documents-1
  • Ruler tool: We've introduced a ruler tool in pvDesign, available in both the Designs' and Site Creator's interfaces, enabling easy distance measurement on the map. 

Bug fixes and improvements 

  • Fixed an issue in the substation layout document for the line to transformer that showed missing names of elements. 
  • Fixed a bug in the overhead line report that led to a missing geometry distance of two tower types. 
  • Fixed a minor issue where the interconnection report in Chinese has a missing parameter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "prepared for" logo to be too small. 
  • Removed the Terrain Slopes document and preserved the information in the Topography analysis document. 
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a project had two sites that were at the two sites of a UTM boundary. When running a simulation with a custom topography file, ensure that the DEM is generated in the correct UTM zone.  
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when some inverters were left uninstalled. 
  • Improved the simulation time duration for sites with a very high point density. 
  • Changed to more explanatory entries the following headers: "Pnom" and "Pmax" in the "Inverter Characteristics" table in the Design, Energy, Ac-Bess and Dc-Bess Reports. 
  • Clarified the energy available for the batteries in the AC-Coupled and DC-Coupled BESS reports. 
  • Made energy results consistent across the interface and documents. The energy yield or production in pvDesign is the production without losses. The net production (including night losses) can still be found in the energy report, in Table 1. and the night losses can be found in section 7.2 as usual. 
  • Removed the feature of scoring designs. 
  • Added new currencies in CAPEX: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) / (RM), Philippines Peso (PHP) / (₱), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) / (Rp), New Zealand Dollar (NZD) / ($), Thai Baht (THB) / (฿), Romanian Leu (RON) / (RON), Singapore Dollar (SGD) / (S$)