Updates March 2024

Define the reactive power compensation strategy in the Grid requirements for AC-coupled BESS and optimise your CAPEX calculations incorporating the Overhead line entries.

RatedPower- backend v16.14.4, frontend v7.3.2 

In March, we've released the BESS power factor enabling the calculation of the power factor at the storage inverter’s output, improving the designs for batteries and stand-alone systems. In addition, we included the overhead lines in Capex tool in line with our aim of precisely estimating the cost of projects. 

Finally, this month we laid the groundwork required to release exciting new features in the coming months. Stay tuned to learn more in future latest updates posts! 

New Features 

  • Power factor compensation for AC-coupled BESS: Now the inverters or the capacitor banks in the AC-Coupled BESS line will be sized accordingly to comply with the grid or interconnection requirements at the POI. 


  • Overhead line in Capex: We have added the transmission and distribution line entries to the CAPEX sheets. The feature allows choosing the entries that correspond to the overhead line of the design to calculate the total price of the system.  

image (2)-Mar-26-2024-10-48-10-9640-AM

Bug fixes and improvements 

  • Fixed a bug that was causing simulations to fail due to power factor calculation. 
  • Added a distance calculation that was causing that fences were not respecting the “fence to AA/RA setback” for no Road option.  
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the setback PS to structure to not being applied for no Roads with the PS outside the DC field. 
  • The earthworks module now has a tolerance for situations in which the platform is slightly outside of the area covered by the DEM. This was implemented to avoid simulation errors 
  • Changed from Vac to Vdc the units of the MPPT range of the inverters in the BESS SLD. 
  • Enhanced the MV system for cases when no road was placed to connect isolated subareas in the layout. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the power factor slider to appear for DC-Coupled BESS as if it was AC-Coupled BESS. 
  • Fixed the Project Sheet document in French language. 
  • Replaced "Min. distance from structure to fence" with “AA to fence” and “Fence to structure”. 
  • Added the possibility to simultaneously assign various projects to a specific team. 
  • Added the possibility to simultaneously assign various members to a specific team.  
  • Enabled cloning structures in Equipment. 
  • Updated German translations in schematic diagrams. 
  • Improved and adapted the visualisation of the Equipment tab for the German language. 
  • Improved the position and visibility of “Show values per area”, now displayed under “Power” after generating a design  
  • Fixed the visual overlap of some parameters in German language occurring when starting a new design from scratch. 
  • Fixed the “Topography details” given under “Layers” which did not show the correct and expected values. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused errors in the Power Station location when it had size 0 in ‘No roads’ layout. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused an error banner to be stuck in the design interface after uploading a site with an error. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused cloned Capex sheets to be created without a name. 
  • Improved the visualisation of the ‘Structure layout distances’ modal when a fixed structure is chosen. 
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error after opening a project from the ‘list’ view. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GCR filter to appear in the comparison tool even if it was unselected in the filter list. 
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the option of accessing or entering a value for the OPEX parameter.