Updates November 2022

Automatic CAPEX for all designs using IRENA templates

pvDesign - backend v9.2.27, frontend v4.4.4

This month we released a great improvement to the CAPEX tool in pvDesign. If available, an IRENA template will be selected by default for new designs. This means that most designs will now automatically have a CAPEX and LCOE result.

New Features

In November, the following new features were released:

  • Automatic CAPEX for all designs using IRENA templates: New designs will now use the IRENA template corresponding to the site country, and the template will be selected by default. The templates are publicly available. We have also improved the template selector in the design process CAPEX tab, which now has a more a clear separation between public and private templates. The CAPEX templates page has also been revised, with the new version allowing users to easily clone public templates to create their own private versions.
  • Overhead line documentation in Italian: The overhead line documentation, including the design report and the layout, are now available in Italian. To download the documentation for older designs, create them again, making sure to select Italian as a documentation language when launching the simulation.

Bug fixes and improvements

These minor bug fixes and improvements were released in November:

  • It is now possible to upload Vaisala TMY files in CSV format.
  • Fixed a bug in the CAPEX templates page which affected the pagination.
  • Improved the sidebar behavior in mobile screens.
  • Improved the create new site button.
  • Improved the modals used to upload topography and KML files.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the "back" button in the design process page to go back to the wrong page.
  • Increased the maximum length of the power station building to 50 meters.
  • The project name is now shown in the designs page.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the curtailment input unit not to be converted.
  • Fixed the "Get help" button in errored designs.
  • It is now possible to delete structures in the equipment tab.
  • Redesigned the unexpected error component and unified error pages.
  • Added a "created by" column in the structures tab in the equipment page.
  • Improved the interactive site creator to convert lines to polygons and vice versa.
  • Redesigned modules and inverters tables in the design process page.
  • Fixed an error which caused a simulation to fail when partial structures and DC bus where used.
  • Power stations can now be placed on partial structures.
  • Fixed an edge case where a road connecting sub areas was not placed.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the peak power calculation to be incorrect for simulations with partial structures and embedded power stations.
  • Fixed an issue which occurred if there was no path for the MV cables to go to the substation.
  • Improved the power station location for simulations with embedded power stations and exterior roads.
  • Fixed an error which caused LV equipment to be left unconnected.
  • Fixed an issue which caused inverters in simulations using east west structures to have an uneven number of strings.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the intervals in TMYs to be out of order.