Updates November 2023

Experience an elevated level of precision with our enhanced Italian translation across documentation pertaining to PV plants, battery energy storage systems, and interconnection systems.  

pvDesign - backend v15.0.7, frontend v5.4.1 

In November, we are proud to introduce two significant features designed to elevate our clients’ experience. First and foremost, we've implemented a cutting-edge communication system between our web server and simulation processing servers, bolstering the robustness of our system. This upgrade ensures faster and more efficient algorithm resolution, laying the foundation for future optimization of simulation times and empowering us to swiftly identify and address errors. Additionally, our commitment to providing a seamless user experience extends to our Italian-speaking users, as we've diligently reviewed and improved the translation of documentation related to PV plants, battery energy storage systems, and interconnection systems. 

Finally, this month we laid the groundwork required to release exciting new features in the coming months. Stay tuned to learn more in future latest updates posts!

New Features 

  • Web-Workers Communication and Management Improvements : We have implemented a new communication system between our web server and the servers responsible for processing simulations. This aims to create a much more robust system, enabling faster and more efficient resolution of algorithms. This development sets the groundwork for further optimization of simulation times in the future and will allow us to act more effectively in error identification. 
  • Improved Italian translation:  We have reviewed the Italian documentation related to the PV plant, the battery energy storage system, and the interconnection systems and we have improved the translation of all the content in reports, drawings, and sheets. 


Bug fixes and improvements 

We released the following minor bug fixes and improvements this month: 

  • Added four new overhead line conductors to the public database.  
  • Fixed a bug that caused overlapped input bays in the single busbar SLDs when there were more than two power transformers. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated legend layers in layout document. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused not fully closed perimetral roads when a restricted area was defined in the road path. 
  • Fixed a bug to ensure the short-circuit impedance of the power transformer selected was considered for the power factor calculation  
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the summarized dc array results. 
  • Forced a design failure if a CAPEX template is empty. 
  • Improved the installation of structures in a squarish shape. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused roads left in areas without PSs when “Group AAs” is selected. 
  • Fixes a bug that caused the low voltage lines between areas crossing an ST polygon when one or both closest points are inside the ST polygon. 
  • Changed AC-Coupled BESS SLD to be the same as DC-Coupled BESS SLD, where there is no relation between AC-Coupled BESS containers and inverters, but with AC-Coupled BESS containers and power stations. 
  • Improved the location of the power station for DC-Coupled BESS by guarantying PS access to road by construction. 
  • Improved the location of the power station for DC-Coupled BESS by setting its orientation towards the MV point. Changes are applied for horizontal and vertical road modes.  
  • Fixes a bug which was causing the count of piles to be wrong when using areas share LV. 
  • Improved the location of the containers for AC-Coupled BESS by placing them closer to the MV point. 
  • Updated the energy methodology. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused some rows not to appear in the financial analysis XLSX document. When these rows were missing, the plant CAPEX could be different in the XLSX from the value shown in the interface. The issue only occurred with trenches. 
  • Removed empty page in DC-Coupled BESS Report. 
  • Added information on who uploaded a structure. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused a generic error message to appear when the simulation failed due to “no feasible power station locations”. 
  • Added column “uploaded by” in both Structure and Settings sub-tabs within the Equipment tab. 
  • Fixed an issue that enabled irrelevant data to be filled in for fixed structures in the structure importer tool. 
  • Removed inverter power factor losses from the energy results page. 
  • Fixed a bug in the Statistics & KPIs page which was crashing when receiving error messages related to unexpected dates. 
  • Added a modal notification after modifying inputs and subsequently exiting before generating a new design (clicking ‘Run design’). 
  • Added a warning when the site of a simulation has been removed. 
  • Fixed an issue calculating the number of inverters based on Rated Power in E-W structures with separate inverters. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the visibility toggle in topography to not hide the slope layers. 
  • Added the power of PV Modules in the selected equipment of the Design Process. 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the proposed length value to be equal to the width when the latter was larger. Now, it’s the width that decreases to the proposed length value. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused a tour message pop-up to appear when entering in the Design Process. 
  • Fixed a bug in the structure creation tool that caused the deleted fields to be automatically populated with zeros instead of deleting the full content of the field. 
  • Fixed a bug in the MV cables where cable sticks to the RA’s road instead of the surrounding road. 
  • Added the cable section unit to the header of the listing of cables. 
  • Added the default values for the discount rate and OPEX, when creating a new design from scratch. 
  • Fixed a bug which caused the energy results to be out of order in some cases, when using a CSV meteo data.