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How to create and configure a new user

Do you need some help logging into pvDesign? Find out how to create your account, change the language or unit system of the interface and enable other users.


This article will guide you through your first log in and will show you how to change your account preferences and enable new users in your account.

Log in

You have already contacted the pvDesign team and you are ready to start your trial period.

Upon approval by our business development team, a demo license for your company is issued from our side. You will receive a Welcome to pvDesign email similar to this one:

welcome message

These are your credentials!

The password is a 48-hour temporary password. However, if it expires, we will be happy to issue a second temporary password.

Now, go ahead and click on "Complete first login", this will redirect you to pvDesign. 

Once you click on "Sign in", you will be required to change your password.

You're all set! 

In case you experience any kind of problems logging in, please contact us at support@ratedpower.com.

Account Settings

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To change the language, units system, or temperature unit shown in pvDesign's interface, go to the top left corner of your screen and click on the triple bar icon "", then navigate to the bottom left corner of your screen and click on the three dots next to your username. Then click on Preferences.


  • pvDesign’s interface is currently available in:
    • English

    • Spanish

    • Portuguese

    • French

    • German
    • Chinese
    • Italian
  • The unit system can be either the International System or the Imperial System.
  • Temperature can be measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Enabling other team members

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All pvDesign licenses include an unlimited number of users. You and all your team members are able to access the platform simultaneously and work collaboratively on projects and designs.

To check the list of people that use pvDesign at your company, go to the "Users" tab.


Here, you can create new users and check the role of your peers.


There are two types of users in pvDesign depending on their role: User and Managers. The only difference is the ability of the latter to enable and disable users in the "Users" tab and modify company details and logo in the "My Company" tab.


To create a new user, click on "+ New User".

Once you click on "Save", an email including a temporary password will be sent instantly.


For any other questions or more information regarding this topic, you can contact us at: support@ratedpower.com